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Are you feeling like this?


Tired of being in pain or unable to do everything your body should be capable of?


Feeling stuck when it comes to your fitness goals?


Tired of following bad advice or fad diets?


Not happy with how you look or feel?

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Here's what we achieve together...


Balancing healthy body fat with muscle to improve your physical appearance


We'll get you physically and mentally stronger to take on whatever life gives


Giving you the tools to positively change your mental and physical health

How our approach is one of a kind

It's More than Personal Training

We combine everything you need to change; personal training, nutrition, health and mindset coaching

Technology and Tools

We use proven systems built over 15 years of results to keep you on track and accountable

Tailored Plans

Working on the right actions in the right order to achieve the biggest impact

One to One Support

Empathetic support from our team in-person and remote

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What will your life look like if you don’t do this? We can make you stronger, healthier and capable of achieving anything you want

Our Results

“Not only did I lose 45kg through this journey, but I found myself again in the process. I also found a newfound love for weight lifting, the outdoors, and cooking. Tristan shows you how to achieve greatness and helps you realise that you had it in you the whole time.“
Alyssa Cervantes, Google Reviews
“ TH has an approach different from other PTs and really focuses on what's appropriate to your situation and your style ,which will make it very effective because it will be easier for you to stick with something that you like, instead of trying to incorporate work that you wont like and won't be effective.“
Luis Franco, Linkedin Recommendation
“His approach first impacted my physical strength & body composition, and then, on the mindset coaching side, my confidence, self-belief, and overall mental and emotional resilience. I was able to share with honesty any struggles I was having, and I never felt that Tristan treated me any differently for having been vulnerable. “
Eileen Dunne, LinkedIn Recommendation.

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