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Coming from an IT background into the world of health and wellness despite never showing any physical capability at a young age, Tristan knows what it’s like to overcome perceived limitations. Going from business analyst to personal trainer to life and health coach, Tristan has been able to transform lives on every level
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We work on the 3 pillars of life; Body, Balance and Being Body is what most look to change first, this is how you feel physically; your appearance, your strength, your health.



Balance is how different areas balance together (these can Affect how you feel in your body); stress & recovery, work & financial, social & relationships...



Being is how you feel inside; your self worth, your presence, your happiness & fulfillment.


Most who Tristan have worked with have come from some form of physical pain, like how they look or how they feel about themselves physically. We work together to change that and once they are out of the pain we can bring them to places they never thought possible. We take a holistic approach to looking at the whole picture so that no area is left out and nothing can drag you down.
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You work exclusively with Tristan where he guides and supports you through any challenge you may encounter

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Tristan only works with 20 clients at any time so that he can give his best energy and support to every individual

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Through Tristan’s own journey and the journey of the clients he has helped, he has gained deep experience of the many physical, mental and emotional challenges and how to work through them

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Tristan uses a gentle, guided approach to understand what you are going through and meet you where you are at in taking one step at a time towards change

Tristan helped me acquire the equipment I need to continue my training at home. I find his online monitoring really helpful - basically, I'm not alone between sessions

Aogan Foley Managing Director at Incisive Capital

It's not easy for someone like me who wasn't used to training, but Tristan always supports and gives you the required tools so you don't give up

Miquel Parejo .NET Software Development Manager at Allianz Ireland

A real result. 2.5 stone weight loss over 6 months, testament to the powerful combination of commitment from client and intelligent guidance that Tristan has to offer.

Yvonne M

I can’t remember the last time I felt or looked this good (so my friends and colleagues tell me) and I can honestly say my mental outlook and attitude to life has changed. Thank you Tristan.

Gary Costello Director at

I liked and respected Tristan's personality and approach from the beginning - completely the opposite of the stereotypical trainer. My faith in him grew slowly but constantly and continues to do so.

Steve F

If you find yourself stuck and would like a coach to work alongside you as you pursue balance, strength and peace, then have a conversation first with yourself, and then with Tristan

Hugh Bolton Managing Director at Brown Brothers Harriman Services AG