You’ll be equipped with the knowledge, awareness and tools to achieve your physical goals, leading you towards an empowered, self-directed mindset.


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Everyone will have a tailored movement and mindset program to carry out, independent of in-person sessions. You will also receive expert nutritional advice and support from our coaches along with daily check-ins through the app. We assess everyone’s progress every six weeks, tracking metrics across mind and body.

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Most of our studio members also have weekly in-person training and accountability sessions at our state-of-the-art training facility in Grand Canal Dock.
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Some clients participate in weekly or fortnightly coaching calls with minimal to no in-person sessions. This is most suitable for those who are most focused on the balance and mindset pillars of the philosophy and are able to execute a training and nutrition plan on their own. For this style of coaching, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

Getting Started


Your Free Discovery Call

By phone, Zoom or in-person.

On a free discovery call we’ll discuss your goals, your struggles, where you are and where you want to get to.

We’ll explain how we can help and see if we’re a fit for you. No obligation, just getting to know you.


Your Discovery Session

In our private coaching studio.

We’ll invite you for a Discovery Session in our private coaching studio in Dublin 4.

In this private consultation we’ll assess body composition and movement capacity, all within your comfort zone.


Your Personal Roadmap

Achieving what’s possible for you.

Based on our discovery with you, we’ll agree on targets and provide a roadmap of what’s possible for you.

This includes everything from frequency of training, types of coaching and the steps required.

If either of us feels we’re not a good fit for you for any reason you can walk away with your roadmap along with the key action steps you can take to make change yourself. If you feel there is a fit and we want to work together we can start right away!

The First Step Is Simple.

What Progress Looks like

Your first coaching session

In your first coaching session, we’ll go over any initial questions you have on the program and agree on the steps you’ll take before we see each other next.

We’ll also guide you through your first tailored training program, showing how to execute each exercise safely.

How often will I have to come into the studio?

We’ll book you in for your regular coaching sessions in the studio and you will have steps to take at home. How frequent you have sessions in the studio will be up to you, your goals and your progress.

The best results for most come from weekly or fortnightly appointments but we also have successful clients in monthly appointments.

What do we do during the consultations?

In your regular coaching sessions we’ll focus on what are the most impactful steps we can take. This could be improving the compliance of parts of the program, working through a challenge together (around nutrition, lifestyle or mindset) or just focussing on exercise and training.

What happens between coaching sessions?

You’ll execute on our agreed actions between coaching sessions; this could be a daily nutrition practice like improving hydration, working on an aspect to improve your mindset or completing a tailored workout at home.

If at any point you need guidance or support you’ll let us know and we’ll work through it together.

How will we track progress?

Every 6 weeks we’ll assess progress. You’ll complete an update questionnaire, take body composition and perform a test workout. We’ll compile a Discovery Update Report showing all that’s changed.

If things are working and progressing towards your goals, we’ll continue evolving the program as it is. If anything is not progressing as we’d expect we’ll adjust your program appropriately.

How long does it take?

Our clients generally sign up with us for one year. At the end of that time, you will typically be equipped with the skills you need to progress towards your goals.

Some of our clients opt to continue coaching with us for longer. In this case, we continue to evolve your programme in line with your goals.

What if I’m nervous about starting?

Most people feel apprehensive about personal training. What if it doesn’t work? What if it doesn’t stick? How much is it going to impact the rest of my life? What if I hate it? These are all common thoughts our clients have before they speak to us.

But the solution is to simply speak to us.

We have been doing this for a long time. Our clients generally experience amazing results. Our programmes are realistic and based on your life situation specifically.
You can expect confidentiality, support, respect and professionalism from everyone here, always.

We emphasise an intelligent, measured and supportive approach, with no shouting, pressure or competition – just a focus on your own goals. Everyone is safe and welcome here, no matter their starting point or level of experience with training or nutrition.

Will it work?

In terms of results, our programmes are realistic and based on your goals. If you follow our programme you can expect to build lean muscle, increase strength and mobility, make progress towards a chosen weight or physique, learn straightforward fundamentals of nutrition, have more balance in your life, improve mindset and, most importantly, build confidence in yourself.

If you can’t follow our programme, then we’ll work with you to figure out why that is and help to solve the problem. Our approach is body, mind and balance. We’re here to make sure it works.


Ready to find out more?

Whether you prefer to train alone or in our private studio, want an online programme or to train with the support of a Personal Trainer, the first step is simple:

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