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TH Coaching provides personal training, nutrition and mindset coaching to a limited number of clients who are looking to make long-lasting changes to their lives. Through programmes tailored to each client TH Coaching can help people look and feel better, achieve better balance in their lives, and lead them towards an empowered, self-directed mindset.

This is about building strength to prevent injury, balancing healthy body fat with muscle to improve your physical appearance, and increasing mobility to help you move easily and safely. Each person’s movement programme will be unique but the fundamentals will be around form and consistency.

No fads or complicated diets. We’ll work together on a plan that will help you form sustainable habits and won’t leave you feeling deprived.

We’ll help you understand any mental and emotional challenges that may be causing blocks in your life and find ways to break through them. In doing so we’ll be able to change any self-limiting beliefs you have about yourself, come up with ways to effectively manage stress, and bring balance across all aspects of your life.

Find out how we can make positive changes to your body and mind, bringing balance across all areas. What will your life look like if you don’t do this?


Do you ever feel like nothing works or sticks? Book a call today to find out how we can make you healthier, happier and more fulfilled.
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Get in touch by either booking a free consultation call or signing up for one of our memberships.

Tristan Hand

We’ll have a call to understand your current circumstances & needs.

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We’ll arrange an orientation session and give you the tools to get started straight away.

Tristan helped me acquire the equipment I need to continue my training at home. I find his online monitoring really helpful - basically, I'm not alone between sessions

Aogan Foley Managing Director at Incisive Capital

It's not easy for someone like me who wasn't used to training, but Tristan always supports and gives you the required tools so you don't give up

Miquel Parejo .NET Software Development Manager at Allianz Ireland

A real result. 2.5 stone weight loss over 6 months, testament to the powerful combination of commitment from client and intelligent guidance that Tristan has to offer.

Yvonne M

I can’t remember the last time I felt or looked this good (so my friends and colleagues tell me) and I can honestly say my mental outlook and attitude to life has changed. Thank you Tristan.

Gary Costello Director at

I liked and respected Tristan's personality and approach from the beginning - completely the opposite of the stereotypical trainer. My faith in him grew slowly but constantly and continues to do so.

Steve F

If you find yourself stuck and would like a coach to work alongside you as you pursue balance, strength and peace, then have a conversation first with yourself, and then with Tristan

Hugh Bolton Managing Director at Brown Brothers Harriman Services AG


We focus on long-term transformation - we want to get you to the highest level of health & fitness you’ve ever had, then keep you there. Here’s how we do this:

If you choose to train in our studio, you have a private space to yourself, so you can focus fully on your goals.

Our Private Training spaces are open from 5 am - 10 pm, and our remote options mean you can train anywhere, at any time.

All sessions are bespoke and customized to the unique goals and circumstances of each individual client.

However you choose to work with us, we provide ongoing accountability and support.

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