Growing up, Tristan felt like he wasn’t good enough. He wasn’t especially academic and he was extremely introverted and lacking confidence. Physically, he was unhappy with his body, how he looked and what he was capable of. Without any positive role models to look up to or guide him, he felt stuck and believed he was set for a life of mediocrity. Then came an opportunity for him to rewrite the script.

In 2004, Tristan started working with a life coach who helped him understand and question who he was, the ideas he had about himself and where they came from. They were just that, ideas and not a blueprint for who he was and had to remain. Through this awareness, he realised it was possible to redefine his identity and how he looked at himself.

In 2007, Tristan qualified as Personal Trainer, exploring all elements of health, anatomy and nutrition.

Combining this knowledge with the mindset work he’d already begun, he started to make real changes to his physical appearance, strength and mobility. This led him to question what else he could make better including how he could improve himself socially, become more confident and clear in who he was, and free to be vulnerable and speak his truth. This opened up another layer around how he thought about his life and what his goals were, moving from a stable, corporate career to venturing down the path of self-employment, getting married and having children. Not only had Tristan come from a place of not knowing this was a life he wanted or could have but he also didn’t previously have the tools to change anything.

Tristan understands what it means to feel stuck and as if no matter what you do nothing changes. He knows what it feels like to be underwhelmed by moments he expected to bring him joy. Having met someone who was the catalyst for change in him, Tristan committed to doing the same for others. He went on to spend years exploring human psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), taking the best of what he learnt and combining it with his extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition. It was through this unique approach to working across the mind and body simultaneously that Tristan found the recipe to affect long-lasting change in people, enabling them to make choices from a place of power, rather than a place of pain.

“Growing up I considered people to be naturally gifted at things so if I wasn’t good at something I should leave it. I thought I was who I was and wasn’t aware there was an option to change things. Then I met a coach who helped me question what I believed about myself, flip the narrative and set me on a path towards a better life – physically and mentally. This pivotal moment in my life subsequently called me to help others in the way someone helped me. I figured out that by combining this crucial mindset work with everything I had learnt across fitness and nutrition, I could drive fundamental change in people that can last a lifetime.”

Tristan, Founder

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