Most if not everyone can benefit from a regular meditation practice. At TH Coaching it’s one of the ways we help clients. Helping them become less stressed, more resilient and with greater mental capacity to take on any of life’s challenges. We are going to go deeper into those benefits of a regular meditation practice. Living with pain For 1 year I would wake every morning at 5am and within 15 minutes have pain in the upper abdomen. Sometimes it would subside throughout the day. Other days it would just remain consistently and

Are you struggling with your daily rituals? Do you want to have a structure so you can start improving your life and the success that comes from it? The quality of your daily rituals has the ability to determine your individual success. Therefore, it is imperative that we create strong rituals that create a positive mindset, improve your day to day life and ultimately, contribute to your overall success however we may define it. What Are Rituals? How can we create our own rituals for our own success? Rituals are non-negotiables that

Do you feel like you’ve lost control during COVID-19? I think we’ve all felt like we’ve been put into a box a little bit. Having to completely change our structure. Losing track of our rhythm. And it can be tough because we all hate losing what we previously felt couldn’t be changed. Change can be scary for us, but realising we still have control over some aspects of our life can be comforting, and give us the calm we need. So here are four things that we still have control over. Your Perspective Throughout


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