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What is
Progressive Personal Training?

Progressive Personal Training puts in place a lot of the parts traditional personal training neglects: sustainability, empowerment, education and balance.

Common Struggles
Progressive Personal Training Resolves


Feeling self-conscious

We all want to feel comfortable in how we look and feel. This can be hard if we are always trying to lose weight. How about stopping the endless cycle of life-long weight loss and finally close that chapter?


Lacking confidence

Having confidence is about having the capacity to take on any challenge that comes our way, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. Our belief is that our physical capacity mirrors our mental capacity. As our strength and flexibility increases in one area, it affects all areas of life.


Low energy

Tired of being tired? Sick of getting out of bed like you didn’t sleep right? It’s hard to do the things we need or want to do when we’re tired. It’s especially hard to have motivation. We can teach you how to get the energy you need to live the life you want.

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Progressive Personal Training

Our approach is built on 3 Pillars that we believe are fundamental to change: Mindset, Nutrition and Training. Our experience has shown that balance between all 3 is essential to lasting change, with mindset being the more important.


We change the root of what holds most back from what we want, our head. We help to rewrite the stories within about who we are and what we can do by asking the right questions to help find out what the right answers inside us are.


Rather than something to fear and control, food is our energy, our fuel to grow and something to be enjoyed and shared. We will work with you to build sustainable long term habits so healthy eating becomes a natural part of life.


Progressive Personal Training builds a foundation of mobility and strength that allows us to take on anything. Other forms of exercise are limited in impact, but Progressive Training will make us look, feel and progress better.

The Benefits of Progressive Personal Training

Long term

One of our core beliefs is that anything we change should be permanent. There’s no point in changing how we look, feel or perform temporarily. That’s why we educate and empower you with the tools, techniques and mindset to be able to make life-long change and maintain it. 

Lifestyle change

Habits are what allow us change who we are with the least amount of energy and the greatest probability of success. Nobody wants to keep using motivation and discipline to alway make the right choices. Instead, we focus on building simple, sustainable habits that become part of who you are. 


How about taking more control of your journey, being in charge of where you are going and how you are getting there? We show you from the very first personal training consultation the level of influence you can have over your life, and we share a solid proven plan of how to implement change. 

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What’s different about us

We provide something very unique that we believe can’t be found anywhere else.


Unlike short-term programmes, we address the mental, physical and emotional aspects to your progress, facilitating holistic change to bring balance to all areas.

Long Term

One big discerning difference we have is the solutions we provide both educate and empower, so that once you make a change, it’s not temporary, it’s life long.

Client Centered Personal Coaching

We work closely through each individual's unique challenges, meeting you where you're are at, and guiding you to your goals.


Understandably, you may want a coach to motivate you. However, this is a temporary fix to a long term issue. Instead, we work with you to build self-sustaining habits that won't rely on external motivaton, but that become a way of life.

Common mistakes /

Common mistakes

Training needs to be brutal

Perhaps the most common misconception is that training has to be brutal to be effective. This is simply not true – especially at the start. Any incremental change will make a difference. Then, as you progress, so will your training, harmoniously matching your new-found strength. This is one reason why repetitive exercise like yoga or running (while beneficial) doesn’t produce the results most people want, as there is a cap on intensity.


Most of us know and have seen that diets don’t work in the long run, and yet we still feel we need to torture ourselves, even for short periods. Here, we focus on small, consistent habit changes around food. In this way, we’ll make changes that you’ll have forever.

Over exercising

When it comes to changing the body, the biggest mistake we see is wanting to train too much. Thinking that training 3, 4 or even 5 times a week is required to get results, when it’s usually the contrary. Over-exercising can lead to injury or illness, it’s harder to stick to, and takes more time. We want you to achieve more, in less time, with a more intelligent approach.

I already eat healthy

A lot of our clients are already making a serious effort to eat healthily when they join us, but are still dealing with a higher BMI or bodyfat level than they would like. Another factor that we may not even be aware of is how much muscle we have. Unfortunately, a lot of us are unclear about what actually works, due to the conflicting messages we receive. We will help you to understand the underlying principles of nutrition, that will actually have an impact.

All exercise is the same

There’s a lot of perceived options out there when it comes to getting fit, changing our body or feeling better about ourselves. There’s exercise classes, hobbies like running or biking and team sports. None of these replace or can compensate for progressive strength training. Progressive Personal Training is the foundation which allows us to do anything else in life. It is the only method which will build mobility to move easily and safely, build strength and muscle to prevent injury and it’s the only method we prescribe in our personal training sessions. 

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