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Author: Tristan Hand

Strength is one of the most important pillars and is needed to achieve almost anything in life. I'm very careful about using the term 'need'. Because it can sometimes put guilt on a person and we've enough of that in our lives (especially if you are Irish). However, if you are reading this post, you likely care about most if not all of the following: Looking good Feeling good Performing in work or life Having a healthy mind and body Possessing the above for as long as possible If so, no matter your age or background you need to

Have you ever tried a diet in the past that you were able to adhere to for a little while, maybe saw some results, but ultimately you couldn’t sustain them? Have you ever followed an exercise plan, or joined a class that made you feel good temporarily, but you saw no results and gave it all up due to frustration. This seems to be the problem for a lot of us. We set unrealistic expectations on ourselves and get frustrated when we don’t fulfill them. So many of us have

Binging and How to reduce it Are you someone who struggles when it comes to binge eating? Do you find it difficult to impose self-control when it comes to food and drink? All of us eat too much from time to time. But if you regularly overeat while feeling out of control and powerless to stop, you may be suffering from binge eating disorder. Binge eating disorder is a common eating disorder where you frequently eat large amounts of food while feeling powerless to stop and extremely distressed during or after

Are you facing difficulty when it comes to being consistent with your fitness? You know what you should be doing, how you should do it but are just struggling with the consistency aspect. Obviously, with everything that’s going on, creating and adhering to a routine is extremely difficult at this moment in time.  What’s Important? In Training, Consistency Is the Key to Your Fitness Goals. Consistency is arguably the most important component when working to accomplish goals, in or out of the gym. Without consistency, programs are unorganized, the body has a

Are you struggling with your daily rituals? Do you want to have a structure so you can start improving your life and the success that comes from it? The quality of your daily rituals has the ability to determine your individual success. Therefore, it is imperative that we create strong rituals that create a positive mindset, improve your day to day life and ultimately, contribute to your overall success however we may define it. What Are Rituals? How can we create our own rituals for our own success? Rituals are non-negotiables that

Do you feel like you’ve lost control during COVID-19? I think we’ve all felt like we’ve been put into a box a little bit. Having to completely change our structure. Losing track of our rhythm. And it can be tough because we all hate losing what we previously felt couldn’t be changed. Change can be scary for us, but realising we still have control over some aspects of our life can be comforting, and give us the calm we need. So here are four things that we still have control over. Your Perspective Throughout