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Have you found that you’re trying to work out, or eat well, or fit in running or spinning or some form of exercise as best you can, but you’re not really seeing results? Or even tougher – you’ve had an injury or been through some kind of setback, and you feel you wouldn’t even know where to start?

In an ideal world, you’d be able to come in and train one-on-one with us in the gym, as much as you like. But that’s not always going to be possible.

This is an issue I’ve come up against time and again – the people I work with are busy, they may have families, demanding jobs, and can be based anywhere in the world. The ones who can get up at 5am, slam a kale smoothie and have a run on the beach are few and far between (and are probably insufferable anyway).

So for the real world, I developed a Personal Training app

Before I trained as a Fitness Coach, I worked in IT for seven years. While that wasn’t great for the lats, it gave me real insight into how to use technology intelligently, to genuinely help people in their day to day lives. I started my own practise with a desire for innovation, a respect for the latest research and a commitment to results. From the start, I was on the lookout for ways to integrate tech into my training programs to make them as powerful as possible.

What I wanted was an app that would do three things – allow me to create a personalised training plan and track progress, deliver this plan in a way that was clear for clients to follow, and allow easy communication between us so I could answer questions and check in on how everything was going. 

I didn’t find anything that worked the way I wanted, so I built my own.

If you can come in and train with us in the studio, that’s awesome. But what about in between? Or what if you can’t come in at all, or if you know you’re going to be travelling a lot over the coming months? Typically, you‘d get some guidelines or a follow up email, but if you’re using my app, you get your own personal plan, delivered to you, wherever you are, measuring your progress and keeping you on track. 

There’s no grey area here. What you get is a clear, actionable plan that’s been developed just for you. This is training without limits, for people who just refuse to settle, no matter what’s being thrown at them. 

What you get is certainty

Once you start training with me, I build up a precise picture of where you’re starting from, and what you want to get out of your training. If you need to do that remotely, no problem. You log on to the app, and your program is ready to go. I’ll have built in a training program that’s just for you, with warm up, explanations, videos, clear sets and reps, and stretching, all designed to be progressive, so as you improve, your training program adapts. If you have any questions or feedback for me as you run through, send them and I’ll respond. I’ll work with whatever equipment you have available, from bodyweight only to some terrifying Fight Club style gym. 

All you have to do is turn up. I take it from there.

In the past year, I’ve integrated the world’s leading nutrition coaching app – Precision Nutrition – into my program, so my clients now get the benefit of a year-long, step-by-step, day-by-day guide to nutrition. I did that because it fits perfectly with my approach to Personal Training. As with training, the goal here is to gradually build healthy, sustainable, long-term habits that, applied with consistency, will genuinely change your life. The result? When you change your behavior, you begin to function at a higher level across the board. 

We’re opening the app for the next intake in January 2017. Numbers are limited – sign up today for more info, and to get on the waitlist.