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Imagine you’ve just walked through our door. You know why you’re here. Once we’ve talked for a while, I’ll know why too. 

You might have a concrete goal in mind – a weight you’d like to lift, or a race time you’d like to run. You might feel you want more energy, or you might just want to look shredded. Doesn’t matter.

Whatever you’re looking for, I bet you’re frustrated that what you’re doing isn’t really working. Most of us are trying – eating as well as we can, fitting in gym classes, or running, or playing five a side – but it feels like being on a treadmill – it’s not really catalysing any kind of change, and that’s discouraging. 

The truth is, you are on a treadmill. Your body, left to its own devices, doesn’t really want to change. Once it’s used to running the same distance every week, or going to spin class, and having the same kind of fuel day to day, it’s happy to trundle along. The kind of exercise that most of us are used to doing, though beneficial, won’t cause any real, measurable change in your body. 

That’s why I don’t do it. 

Quote-change.pngWhat I do is called Progressive Strength and Mobility training. Breaking that down, Strength training means lifting weights. We start at the start – no exceptions – teaching you the basic movements and techniques you need to lift weights safely. If you’re already experienced, we’ll perfect your form (trust me – you’re doing something dangerous), and if you’re starting from scratch, we kick off with simple bodyweight exercises, so you learn safe, correct technique before you pick up your first weight.

The Mobility part means training your body to move freely, without pain, with balance and flexibility. It’s like calibrating the machine, before we add a load to it.

Finally, Progressive means that we constantly step up what you do. Every week you stick with us, you’ll find you’re able for a little more. That’s where your personal plan comes in. Once we have a very detailed picture of where you’re starting from, and what you want from us, we construct a plan for you. If you’re coming in to the gym, we deliver it with you, or if you’re training on our Personal Training app, we guide you through it every time you log on. 

_97A9500.jpgEh… that sounds hard…

It is, a little. You have to keep coming back, and every goddamn time, you have to lift something a little bit heavier than the last time.

The surprising thing however is that as it gets harder, it gets easier too. You’ll find that as you progress, you fly through exercises that challenged you at the start. You’ll wobble less on pistols. You’ll learn to control your sobbing on Bulgarian squats. You’ll be ready for the next weight, or the next variation. And we’ll have it lined up for you.

The other thing that gets harder is your butt, which is nice.

There is probably nowhere on earth where clichés hold truer than in the gym. You’ve heard that “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you got”. Every single thing you do for your physical or mental health is good. But we want you to get you better. 

If you want to find out more about Progressive Strength & Mobility training, keep checking in here on our blog or get in touch about Personal Training in the gym, or via our Personal Training app: