Tristan Hand

How Fitness Creates Balance in Life

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I had a few phone calls earlier with people interested in training.

Usually everyone that is training with us, starts first with a phone call, then if we feel we’re the right fit, then we move to a consultation where we have them come into the studio. 

I realized after a few phone calls, that I had the total wrong frame of mind.

I was thinking that no matter what, I can help them.

All I gotta do is get them in.

My frame or the way I was approaching the conversation, was all about trying to convince them to come in.

As opposed to knowing that I need to understand where they are at, understand where they want to get to and then see if we’re the right fit for each other.

This is similar to training.

If you’ve got the wrong frame of mind going into it, you’re probably going to set yourself up for failure.

You’re thinking:

“I need to get all that weight lost or get whatever I need out of it, and then move on to the next thing.

This part of my life is then sorted and then I’m gonna move back to crazy work or whatever other things that I feel are the most important thing in the long run.”

Whereas this thinking might serve you better:

“I’m gonna start to work on this area of my life, start to work on that in tandem with everything else that’s going on.”

You’re working on your fitness, at the same time as you’re working on your job and your family and relationships and all those other things.

Fitness has to become part of your whole life.

If you want to think of your life like the four legs of a table.

Each of them is required to support that table.

Where you’ve got your health or your fitness, you’ve got your business or your career, you’ve got your relationships and you’ve got your success or your appreciation or your mindset around that.

Without one of those areas, the tables going to fall, or it’s going to be unsteady.

Not thinking, I’ve got to justbfix this fitness thing, move back into all the other areas and forget about it.

It’s one of those bits that makes up the whole of life, it’s an important piece.

Maybe your reason to start is from health, from Fitness, from having a goal, maybe looking better.

Maybe getting healthier because your doctors  told you you need to make a change in your life.

Ultimately starting working on this area where you’re going to continue working on this area, it’s going to be better for your whole life, every piece.

Business is going to be better, relationships is going to be better, your mindset and your appreciation of what you have is going to be better.

Like what I was saying, where I had the wrong mindset going into that call.

I’ve got to understand where they’re from and see if we are the right fit.

I know that I can help them and sometimes we try to convince others to change.

Really, they have to allow themselves to change.

Much like you have to allow yourself to change in this area of fitness or health.