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How to get the body you want (or how to get rid of the body you don’t want)

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“I can’t have the body that I want.”

Is that what you believe?

Or what about – “I can’t get rid of the body that I don’t want?”

Body I want For me as a coach working with someone new, the first step is working on belief.

A lot of people who come to coaching do so because they’ve hit a pain point – an injury, unhappiness with their body, a loss of energy or confidence…

And for most, there are a lot of stories in between them and the outcome they truly, deeply want.

Stories like “I’m too old. I don’t have the genetics. I have to eat out for work. I have a slow metabolism…”

The first and most vital step is working on these beliefs. And that’s where I start.

My first point is getting clients to question these beliefs. A lot of people have never even stopped to examine them.

Are they true and helpful?


Are they true of you right now, or are they an echo of something you were told growing up?

Once you can allow the possibility of letting some of these limiting beliefs go, you start to believe that change is possible.

When you get to that point then you can start looking at options.

Can you change yourself? Do you have a supportive friend or social circle? Can you get help from someone like me?

Now if you’re getting to a semblance of belief that you can change, you’re ahead of 90% of people out there, burying their heads in the sand for reasons such as “I don’t have the time”, “It’s too late” or “I’m ok the way I am”.

And I’m not just talking about weight or appearance – there is also the likelihood of illness or injury down the line if you neglect your body now.

Getting to a point where you believe that you can change can take time but one thing that can help is surrounding yourself with people and ideas and communication that shows you that change is possible.

Other people in your situation have gone from a place of pain or dissatisfaction to a healthier, happier, more fulfilled place.

You’ll find with the next stage after this, where you’re seeing that progress is possible, then you can start looking at bigger areas, like being drawn to something bigger that’s gonna inspire you.

For me that’s kitesurfing. For you that could be kickboxing or dancing or just looking great in your work clothes.

Goals that you never thought possible – whether that’s looking the way you’ve always wanted to look or being able to do the things you’ve always wanted to do – are closer than you think, once you can change the belief that tells you they’re not.
Step your strength and fitness up a gear, and watch how your whole life elevates.

I encourage you today to take one simple step – write down what your beliefs about your body and your health are, and take a moment just to question them. What if they’re not true?

Awareness is the first step.