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It’s never too late

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Do you feel like it’s just too late to ever really get in shape? To ever actually get something you’ve always wanted – a flat stomach or some serious guns or the confidence to do a 10k or a triathlon? 

Is the voice in your head saying:

Not at my age… 

I’m just not built for it

I’d never find the time

I’m not naturally athletic

Maybe when… 

Let’s be clear here. That voice does not want you to win. It wants to keep you where you are. It’s powerful, it’s insidious, and it never, ever, ever lets up. 

So how do you fight it?

By fighting it.

The hardest part for anyone who’s ever walked through my door was just deciding to get in touch. Making a change is hard, but just take step one and see how everything gets so much easier.

I’ve never turned anyone away. I’ve never had to.

Whether they’re 65 and retired with no record of much activity in their whole lives up to that moment, or 35 and so stressed out that finding that essential time for fitness in their schedule had them beaten before they could begin.

It’s never too late.


Make time for fitness and watch how the rest of your life steps up a level too. No matter where you are, training is something to factor into the rest of your life, so the sooner you start the more mileage you’ll get.

Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.

– Sam Levenson

Gyms can be scary places. All those women in Lululemon and men in wifebeaters, crammed in a room, soaked in sweat, grinding through some torturous routine their trainer has concocted. Paleo-this or low-carb that, meaning you’ll never enjoy a meal again. It doesn’t sound fun. And if it had to be that way, I might not want to be part of it myself.

The truth is, real, life-long strength and fitness doesn’t have to be like that.

Honestly, intelligent training and nutrition is exactly the opposite. As one of my clients  – a guy who’s dropped 2 stone and has increased his strength all while working 50 hours a week – told me last week:

“I haven’t sweated once and I’ve never felt better”

Training should be progressive – beginning at your current level and building from here to where you want to get to, incrementally, and over time.

With nutrition, it’s about defining where you are, and starting, one habit at a time, to build a happier, healthier you. This is why bootcamps, 8 week transformations and crash diets ultimately fail – they throw you in at the deep end and hope that you come out the other side without an injury or eating disorder. That’s not sustainable, and often damaging.

So, no matter where you’re starting from, I customise your training and nutrition to your level. I build the right plan to get you where you want to go in the most intelligent, sustainable, trauma-free way. That may involve working with me one-on-one in my custom studio, or us working one-on-one remotely, with you training at home or in your local gym, guided by your program on my Personal Training app. We build that lifestyle together.

I promise you – the hardest is step making the decision to get in touch, but I can say with absolute certainty that once you do, it gets a whole lot easier and change begins. A body made stronger leads to life lived better. 


Do it now