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One Quick Tip To Diet Through Holidays


Yet again it seems like another bank holiday.

For some of us they just keep coming round and round.

On the surface to everyone it’s like:

“Yes I get another weekend off!”

But on the other side are those people that are trying to make differences to their lives, to their health, to their fitness

and they’re trying to stick to a better way of eating or better way of drinking and find it that bit harder at this time.

There’s more family around, there’s more events on.

Here’s a different way to think about it:

When these weekends come around, decide beforehand what way it’s going to go.

Are you going to go easy on yourself maybe take a weekend off.

If even you come out the other side of that weekend, maybe just the same or maybe a little bit worse.

You can just catch up and at least then you’re not beating yourself up.

Myself included, yet again another bank holiday weekend not really planning it.

Coming out the other side going it was very hard to stick to.

But I’m halfway through and I’m deciding just whatever’s happened has happened.

Tomorrow’s a new day get back on it, progress from there and just make it better the next time the weekend comes around.

Or that next holiday comes around or the next bank holiday comes around.

Hope this is some use, chat soon!

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