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Train less, gain more

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I’d like to talk about something that affects a lot of my clients: how to fit in training around a busy work schedule, without eating into the little time you have left for your family or personal life.  

I was wakeboarding today – one of my favourite things to do in my spare time. I’ve been pushing myself to improve, and may have gone a little overboard (literally), as I wiped out and now have a bit of a headache to show for it. 

This is a line we all have to walk, and it’s something that applies to training too. 

Do too little and you’re not going to make any progress, and you’re going to see your goals slide ever further away. Do too much, and you’ll risk injuring yourself – the quickest route to failure. 

A big misconception is that you’ve got to do a lot of training to see any results.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re not trying to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and so you don’t need to put in the time and effort that he did. 

(Unless you are trying to look like Arnie, in which case see me after class)

What I can tell you, from having trained hundreds of clients, is that even with one training session a week & some form of exercise routine you’ll get results, provided that that session is strategic.

If you don’t have much time, then your workouts need to count.

That doesn’t mean destroying yourself – there is literally no point in training in a way that might injure you. Nothing will halt your progress faster.

So what I’ve done is create a Free Download for those of you who are short on time, but want a strategic training routine that is safe, effective, and short. It’s a simple exercise routine that you can do anywhere – at home, on the road, even in your office.


Go check it out, see how you get on, and let me know how you find it.