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Do you feel like you’ve lost control during COVID-19?

I think we’ve all felt like we’ve been put into a box a little bit. Having to completely change our structure. Losing track of our rhythm. And it can be tough because we all hate losing what we previously felt couldn’t be changed.

Change can be scary for us, but realising we still have control over some aspects of our life can be comforting, and give us the calm we need. So here are four things that we still have control over.

Your Perspective

Throughout this crisis, our perspective is something we have autonomy over. We still have the ability to have a positive outlook. We still can look towards the future with hope. With all the negativity that’s happening right now, there can be good to come out of it. We can spend more time with our family, work on tasks we’ve been putting off and finally get many aspects of our life in check. It also allows us to see where we may have been putting blame previously. Actions that we have not taken because we were too busy now will either get done as we have the time, or removed from our schedule as we come to the conclusion we never intended on doing them anyway. So rather than looking at the potential downside, look at what good you can take out of the situation.

Your Gratitude

You can still be grateful for what you have. If we still have a wonderful career, relish in the fact that when all of this is over we are able to go back and work in an industry we appreciate. Maybe it’s our family. In a time where we’re almost forced to spend time at home with our loved ones, we can partake in activities that all of us were previously too busy for. On top of this we can be grateful for our health and wellbeing. The fact that during this time we are fit and healthy we can only be grateful for that.

Your Work Rate

You still have power over how hard you’re working. We could possibly have a side project that we’ve been putting off. Or delving deeper into our work at home and getting more done than ever before. Now may be the time for us to focus on deep diving into our work. We’re all currently stuck inside anyway, so why not give it a try.

Your Health

You still have the capabilities to improve your health. At this time, we’ll likely be home more than ever. This gives us a great opportunity to prepare and plan our meals more carefully. We not only can be mindful and chew our food when we do eat, but our preparation can be given more time too. On top of this home workouts can become a regular part of our routine. Lastly, our sleep is one of the most important aspects of our fitness. Adhering to a regular sleep schedule right now can be a task we focus on.

So focus on what you can control. And ignore everything else.